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Regd Under Govt MSME
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Registration Open for our new venture i.e. iSchool Diary only for our AIG Registered Members.



School Administration Management


At AIG, we take it upon ourselves to assist our educational peers in staying on top of the administrative tasks from processing online student registration to generating exam admit cards. These individual tasks add up and take time and outsourcing them to the right partner can yield substantial savings for schools.

Our highly qualified, well-trained team undertakes all administration processing tasks for schools, leaving them with more time on their hands to engage students and provide more value-adding services. All these bring about the desired results: more students that can be only sustained with the results-driven AIG model. A few of our Administrative Services are outlined below:

  • Student registration and record-keeping (both Online/Paper-based).
  • Prepare and submission of student data for govt. online portals.
  • Corrections and updates.
  • School Administration Management
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Communication Alerts & Updates

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning, when done right, does not have to be frustrating, unproductive, costly, or divert the energies of your school's leadership. If developed properly, the process will stimulate community support and focus resources for your school's continued development. Some of the questions, this process asks:

  • Where is your school now?
  • How does your school measure progress and know you've gotten to your destination?

Our planning approach results in both the "compass" and "roadmap" to support your school in the development and implementation of a measurable plan to focus on school improvement, maximizing educational, operational, governance, and financial performance.

Planning and Advising for new and expansion of school projects

In the beginning of your school project or in expansion, smart planning not only meets the necessary requirements but also allows you to avoid unexpected surprises. We encourage multi-year planning to ensure success in your dream project.

What we do:

We encourage in-depth discussions about your dream project plans including all the pros and cons as well as exploring all the possible risks, as early as possible to make strategic selections.

We can help with:

  • Assessing academic strengths and struggles
  • Determining your short-term and long-term academic goals
  • Construct a multi-year plan to ensure balance in a dream project and your financial situation.
  • Reviewing together current and future govt. requirements for schools
  • Advising on new school registration to govt. officials
  • Providing guidance to submit all the required forms and documents to various govt. agency for approval

Communication Alerts & Updates

AIG is well-known for communicating instantly the latest information released from govt. officials related to educational sectors to its registered members through all various social media channels. We also remind our members for all the upcoming important deadlines for submissions, payments, corrections, updates etc.

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